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In 2015 I implemented a new branding for GRIP Climbing Hall in Nijmegen. In 2016 the company opened a state-of-the-art bouldering hall which gave me the opportunity to greatly extend the concept by rolling out their visual identity through the architecture of the facility itself.

GRIP is one of the leading players in the Dutch climbing and bouldering industry, located in Nijmegen.

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As Walltopia (the world's leading climbing wall manufacturer) were engineering the walls, I worked in parallel with them on the concept and colour scheme using shared SketchUp models over the web. The aim for interior branding was to create an abstract reference to the natural outdoors, with colours inspired by ice, rock, grass, and water.

A series of renders from Walltopia showing the graphical design concept applied to their engineering and construction plans.

The logo of GRIP Boulder Gym was to be aligned with the logo I previously created for GRIP Climbing Centre two years earlier. In both logos the shapes were inspired by climbing wall structures.

Louis Anderson has been routesetting since 1987 and heavily involved in the US setting industry since its beginning. GRIP asked him over from California to set up the initial bouldering routes with the local team.

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